Cranberry Lane – Book Review

Title: Cranberry Lane

Author: Laurèn Lee

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Author Bio:

Laurèn Lee was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She loves hockey, chicken wings and spending time with family, friends and her boyfriend.

Reading and writing are her life’s passions and becoming an author is her ultimate dream. Charlotte’s Pact is her debut novel and the first book in the series, “Demons in New York.” When Houses Burn is her first full-length novel and tells the story of a serial killer and his attempt to seduce his therapist.

As a child, Laurèn became enamored with the Harry Potter series. As an adult, she loves psychological thrillers and mysteries with a twist.

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Circumstance brought them together, fate will bond them forever.

Wayne Jacobs, a dedicated family man, makes his living murdering cheating spouses, out-of-control gamblers, and common wrongdoers. He’s a hitman with a perfect record—one he intends to keep.

Serenity Harris, a vivacious nineteen-year-old, deals drugs in between her shifts at the local record store. She’s a rebellious outcast with pink hair and an unforgettable attitude.

What do they have in common besides a life of crime? Both Wayne and Serenity grew up in the slums of Cranberry Lane.

When their paths randomly cross at a local dive bar, the attraction is instant. The couple’s lives quickly become intertwined, infatuation blinding them to the dangers lurking in the shadows.

Unexpectedly, Wayne and Serenity find themselves in over their heads with entities far more dangerous than could be imagined.

With their lives at stake, can they beat the odds? Or, will they succumb to the hand they were dealt and die, only to be known as former residents of Cranberry Lane?

Rating: 5 out of 5


This is the Laurèn Lee novel that I’ve gotten my hands on and boy, am I glad that I did! Let me start off by saying, this is not normally a genre I read. I know, I know, I say that all the time. Do I even know what genres I read now? Well, no, probably not. However, this is probably my first crime novel I’ve ever read.

However, I absolutely loved it and found myself wanting to read more by her as soon as I could.

Laurèn Lee has created this story that revolves around Cranberry Lane and the goal is, to get off of the lane. It isn’t a safe place to live, there are drugs in plain sight, and most likely, weapons.

We are brought into the narrations of Wayne, a hitman, and Serenity, a drug dealer. What I love about both of these narrations are the raw stories inside of each character. How does one become a hitman and how do you become a drug dealer, especially at nineteen? These are stories that we often aren’t introduced to, either because we don’t live in these kinds of neighborhoods, or we don’t listen.

Cranberry Lane is a story that has you sympathizing with those who you wouldn’t think you would and recognizing that there are far worse people out there. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do to survive, right? Yet, I still have myself baffled as to how I could be sympathizing with a hitman, but I suppose that’s the beauty of Laurèn Lee’s writing.

I found myself growing attached to all three main characters, flipping the pages as fast as I could, and questioning what I would do in certain situations if life were to present itself like that to me. What would I do if I were a drug dealer? What would lead me to that lifestyle? Could I find myself being friends with a hitman? These are all questions that’ll start rattling in your brain as you read.

Laurèn Lee is definitely an author to check out and keep an eye out, as she writes brilliantly and has a way of getting you to sympathize with those you aren’t certain you should. I promise you, she has some pretty exciting things up her sleeve as well. So read Cranberry Lane and then get yourself caught up in her other novels, so you don’t miss out on her future work!

Credit Feature Image to Laurèn Lee.

Chelsea Lauren

Chelsea Lauren is addicted to drinking coffee, writing in cafes, and walking the beach. A New York native, she recently moved to Melbourne, FL and found having conversations with her character’s on the beach is the perfect cure to writer’s block. To learn more about her, check out “About Me.” Her debut novel, Underneath the Whiskey, is now available on Amazon.

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