About Me


Chelsea Lauren was born and raised in the state of New York, in a town just a couple hours north of the Big Apple. She discovered her love of writing at the age of thirteen, revealing her “top secret” talent to only her dearest friends. From that moment on, she filled notebooks upon notebooks with different stories of varying genres. Whether she sacrificed sleep into the early morning hours or daringly hid her notebook behind her textbook during class, she always made time to write. Perhaps that’s the reason she isn’t all that strong when it comes to math!

By the age of sixteen, she had completed a total of four novels. But don’t bother asking to read them, she refuses to make them public. She never considered writing a career possibility until she was first published in Water Writes: A Hudson River Anthology, describing a memory with her Grandfather. In high school, she invested her time in creative writing classes and was the editor of the school newspaper, Highlights. With the thoughts of college brimming, she decided there wasn’t anything in the world she would rather do, than to write for the rest of her life. While fiction is dear to her heart, she started dipping her fingers into non-fiction, stream of consciousness, and memoirs. Her writing then became a means to survival.

She’s traveled near and far, lived abroad and then ventured back home. She’s reached rock bottom, fought her demons, and made countless mistakes, all of which she wants to share with you. She wants to ensure that you live the best life you can with the help she could never find.

Chelsea Lauren has a Creative Writing Bachelors degree from Southern New Hampshire University. She is also in the process of publishing her first novel, Underneath the Whiskey. In addition, she runs this blog, Let’s Learn to Love You, where she leads you through the journey of finding yourself and learning to love the real you through her own trials and tribulations.

Through all of those experiences, Chelsea Lauren has grown into a charismatic, determined, powerful, and compassionate person. Some may think she cares too much and loves too hard, but she’ll never apologize for how she feels. Her goal in life is to be the person she searched desperately for growing up. With her two nieces in mind, the most important sources of her motivation, she hopes that one day her words will act as a guide. So watch out and join her. She’s a force to be reckoned with.