Book Review: Beautiful Potential

Title: Beautiful Potential

By: J. Saman

Genre: Romance


Author and Bio: 

Author: J. Saman

Hey everyone! I’m J. Saman and writing contemporary romance books that have a bit of an edge is my thing. I’m a lover of picking at old wounds and second chance romances. I write smart, strong women and sexy alpha (slightly nerdy) men who have a softer side.

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I met Dr. Finn Banner on the worst day of my life.

It was supposed to be one of the best. The day you graduate and become a midwife shouldn’t end in heart-wrenching tragedy.

One year later, I ran into him again. This time, he saved my life.

Turns out my gorgeous savior and I now work together in the same hospital. And he can be as sweet and charming as they come. When he’s not brooding, short-tempered, and arrogant that is.

Neither of us can fight our attraction. It’s strong enough to cause a cardiac arrest in the Emergency Department where he rules with an iron fist.

But he’s hiding something. A secret that runs deep.

I should stay away from him. Far away.

There’s just one problem with that. How do you stay away from the man you think you’re falling for?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


It’s official, I’m addicted to J. Saman’s novels! I thought it may have just been the Start Again series, but to read a book that is stand-alone, I can safely say, I need more!

The chemistry between her characters–all the ones I’ve read so far–are strong, passionate, flawless, and heart-wrenching. J. Saman has a way of bringing you into the room with the characters, you’re more than just a fly on the wall. It’s almost as if you’re one of the characters. I found myself questioning if I’d react similarly to Gia in regards to Dr. Finn Banner–and I most likely would.

What I love about her books are the back stories she creates. J. Saman has a way of making sure all of her back stories are believable. They are seamlessly hinted throughout the entire book or information are given to you in the form of flashbacks, that when you reach the final pages, everything lines up perfectly.

I find it’s hard to find believable romance stories that aren’t over the top, which sometimes you need, but often I’m not drawn to. But I find myself drawn to these books because I can relate to them–relate to the emotions and the experiences. They are absolute page turners!

I highly recommend this new release! And if you haven’t checked out J. Saman’s other books, like her Start Again series, I highly recommend those too. You will not be disappointed!

Chelsea Lauren

Chelsea Lauren is addicted to drinking coffee, writing in cafes, and walking the beach. A New York native, she recently moved to Melbourne, FL and found having conversations with her character’s on the beach is the perfect cure to writer’s block. To learn more about her, check out “About Me.” Her debut novel, Underneath the Whiskey, is now available on Amazon.

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