Guardian Angel

Writing Prompt: What do you think of when you hear the word soul mate?

Your touch sends shivers through my bloodstream. I can feel your fingertips from my toes to the tip of my head. Your lips – delicate, gentle, needy, and yearning. My mind starts to melt as my eyes flutter closed. Each time brings me closer to you. Each time I wonder how we could be apart. Then your breathe tickles my ear and you whisper those words. I melt into you. Your arms wrapping around my small frame. Always the big spoon. You are my protector. My confidant. One look into your eyes and everything settles. While we have our way with words, they often go unspoken. Unnecessary to waste oxygen. I believe in what we have. Your head nestles into the crevice of my neck and shoulder. Minds and bodies connected all at once. There is no higher bliss than this ultimate connection on every single level.

You called me your guardian angel. Our roles have reversed. You are my guardian angel. Your words interlace through the layers of my thoughts. The memories protect me from the unknown and push me towards a new beginning. Our promises have been skewed, but your always there. What we have cannot be broken. Distance and time are all relative.

You told me you’d be there until I found someone new. Someone other than you. Dear, no one can replace you. But I know they’ll try. You told me you’d never abandon me and love, I know your words ring true.

I never believed your promises. Promises scare me. They often fall through. But I found a soulmate in you. What we’ve had cannot change. A love that treaded water slowly until all at once we were drowning. Drowning into the unknown, a feeling unfamiliar to both.

Sometimes soulmates aren’t your forever mate. There’s different paths you’re led down. But the existence, the feelings, the words, and the experiences shared will never be broken. A bond unspoken.

Thank you, my guardian angel.

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Chelsea Lauren

Chelsea Lauren is addicted to drinking coffee, writing in cafes, and walking the beach. A New York native, she recently moved to Melbourne, FL and found having conversations with her character’s on the beach is the perfect cure to writer’s block. To learn more about her, check out “About Me.” Her debut novel, Underneath the Whiskey, is now available on Amazon.

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