Writing Services

Need a book teaser? Or Facebook/Twitter Banner? Check out my Fiverr

  • Book teasers are a phenomenal way to get readers excited about an upcoming release or a fun way to create some hype each week with new promotional material! Check out my samples below!

Need beta-reading or proofreading services? Check out my Fiverr!

  • Beta-reading is crucial if you are doing self-publishing. There may be things you aren’t able to pick up in your edits because you’re too attached to the story. I’d be happy to read and give you constructive criticism!

Author Package (Teasers, banners, beta-read/review, author interview, and promotion for a week on social media)

  • Coming soon!

Chelsea Lauren

Chelsea Lauren is addicted to drinking coffee, writing in cafes, and walking the beach. A New York native, she recently moved to Melbourne, FL and found having conversations with her character’s on the beach is the perfect cure to writer’s block. To learn more about her, check out “About Me.” Her debut novel, Underneath the Whiskey, is now available on Amazon.