Start With Me – Book Review

Title: Start with Me (Book 3 in Start Again series)

Genre: Romance

Author Bio:

Author: J. Saman

Hey everyone! I’m J. Saman and writing contemporary romance books that have a bit of an edge is my thing. I’m a lover of picking at old wounds and second chance romances. I write smart, strong women and sexy alpha (slightly nerdy) men who have a softer side.

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No relationships. No falling in love.
Those are my rules. Simple. Easy. Uncomplicated.
Then Kyle Grant walks into my life and tries to mess all that up with his GQ looks and irresistible charm.
He’s everything I want.
But can never have.

The first moment I laid eyes on Claire Sullivan, I knew she was different.
Then reality hit me. She’s my brother’s assistant. She lives in Seattle and I live in New York.
As if that wasn’t enough, she reminds me with annoying frequency that she doesn’t do relationships.
But I don’t care. I want her. Now I just have to convince her to be mine.

Can be read as a standalone novel.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


If you’re just joining me on the reviews for the Start Again series, welcome! Start With Me is J. Saman’s third and final book in the series. I’m so sad to know the series has come to an end. I’m itching to pick up another novel in the same world to continue to put the pieces together in everyone’s lives, but alas, there are no more character’s to do so.

This book follows the life of Claire and Kyle. Claire is Ryan’s assistant (Ryan makes his debut in Start Again, the first book) and Kyle is Ryan’s brother, who is a big shot lawyer in New York City. That is, until he gets involved in representing the wrong crowd of people. He finds himself finally saying yes to his brother’s offer on working for him and moving across the country to Seattle, where the rest of the Start Again series character’s live.

What sets Claire and Kyle apart from the other couples is that they don’t have history aside from “knowing of” one another. They both have secrets up their sleeves–Claire more so than Kyle–that stands in their way to be the power couple that fate demands them to be. So they are determined to stay the best of friends for as long as possible, neither wanting to part ways.

I found that Claire and Kyle were a tough tie with Luke and Ivy (Start Over book) on which novel character’s I preferred more. I love the entire series, but there was such a strong chemistry between Luke and Ivy that I felt my heart pulling for them the entire time I read. This time, I was really curious to know the stories behind who Claire and Kyle really were. I was fascinated with Claire’s reasoning on not being with Kyle, or any one at all. I was pleasantly surprised by J. Saman’s back story once it was revealed. Suddenly the pieces come together and you’re rooting for a happy ending more than ever.

While I found the Start Again book slightly repetitive, there’s a clear growth in J. Saman’s writing throughout the series, which makes you craving for more, wishing they had more friends to partner off! All three novels had be turning the pages as fast as I could. These are all stand alone novels, but I suggest reading from book one to book three because I guarantee you’ll have a hard time putting them down! I can even imagine myself rereading the series one day.

Start Again

Start Over

Start With Me

Now off to read the rest of J. Saman’s work! I highly suggest you check them out too!

Chelsea Lauren

Chelsea Lauren is addicted to drinking coffee, writing in cafes, and walking the beach. A New York native, she recently moved to Melbourne, FL and found having conversations with her character’s on the beach is the perfect cure to writer’s block. To learn more about her, check out “About Me.” Her debut novel, Underneath the Whiskey, is now available on Amazon.

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